The Golden Heart Way

At the core of our service is compassion in health care. Golden Heart Medical Services has an extraordinary purpose – that is to aid our clientele in their clinical, hospice, rehabilitative, nursing and therapeutic care. Neither giving nor receiving care is easy. We understand the challenges that you are experiencing with the illness in the family. Golden Heart will be your trusted partner and support system in enhancing the quality of life for both the patients and their families in every caregiving experience.

Personalized Services

Golden Heart Medical Services has highly qualified and dedicated staff capable of assisting your daily needs from personal care, recuperation services, elderly and health care, oncology and hospice care to personalized medical specialist assistance. We are committed to delivering international standards of patient care in accordance with Dubai Health Authority Regulations.

Center of Excellence

Clinical Expertise Always need an Upgrade. Our academic arm, the Nightingale Training Center provides our team continuous development training and education making each member of our facility a proficient clinical expert who is abreast with the latest innovations and medical practices in the delivery of home health care.

Here for you 24/7

We respond to your questions and concerns with only a call away. Our lines are open all the time to assist or direct you to our staff who shall provide solutions to your queries.