Maternity and Newborn Care

Being a mother is perhaps the hardest task but yet the most fulfilling experience that a woman can have in her life. The relationship between a mother and her child is a bond that is long lasting, priceless and unbreakable.

At Golden Heart Medical Services, we value and we understand the challenges during the period of pregnancy. Our skilled medical team focuses on ensuring a healthy pregnancy, labor, childbirth, up to postpartum care. Our team of professional nurses will provide the optimal care in assisting our patient’s daily activities while providing health education and support during their pregnancy period, assisting prenatal mother during their labor process. And after giving birth our team will ensure to monitor the health of both the baby and the mother through our services:

  • Assessing the mother and infant current condition, maintaining circulatory fluid volume, we will assist the mother with efforts to nurture the pregnancy.
  • We will promote optimal comfort, prevent complications and provide information and emotional support.
  • Our service includes a careful nursing care plans for labor and delivery stages.
  • Assessing and providing knowledge on short- and long-term complications through self-monitoring such as postpartum infections.